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Our church was born when some Korean immigrant families began meeting together some twenty odd years ago. Some of us here today were the mischievous toddlers driving the church crazy in those early days!

Times have certainly changed since our childhood days, but here at [svpc], we continue to experience God working mightily to wrought salvation, restore broken relationships, heal hurting hearts, reveal hidden truths, instill undying hope, and evoke passionate living in each of our lives.

Our church believes that there is only one hope for the broken world that we live in:


Therefore, our aim is to make the name of Jesus known – not through fear tactics or hateful speech – but through the faithful preaching of His Word, through enthusiastic God-centered worship, and the bold witness and testimony of those who’ve experienced the transformative power of the Gospel.

We hope you will join us on the great journey of life God has planned for us.



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// community groups //

👇 If you're not sure where you should go, check out some of our thriving community groups below 👇


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Young Adult Ministry (YAM)

Recent grads to young mom's and dads: Join YAM for good food, good company, and good fellowship!

We meet at two different locations throughout the week.

Find out more here!


Youth ministry

Welcome to your home away from home. It's always good to have someone who knows what you're going through - whether it's school exams or spiritual doubts - find refuge and rejuvenation amongst your peers

Every Friday at 6:30pm.
Need a ride? 🚘


Childrens ministry

More than babysitting - bring your children to Sunday school or Friday night Bible study where your precious children can begin to learn about God and the Bible - and have fun in the process!

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